Sunday 23 August 2020

Still some bits hanging on

The winds eased, but still a fresh Southwesterly. Some heavy showers and sunny spells.

Wooden jetty11:30 as tide was covering beach. (MD).
Mediterranean gulls 24 feeding, no juvenile. The only darvic was the green ringed German bird.

Outflows c3hr before high water (M.Breaks)
Kittiwake 1 adult
Common Tern 1 adult
Sandwich tern 1 adult

Wooden Jetty 18:45 as tide was just exposing beach (MD)
Rock Pipit 1 + 2
Mediterranean gull - 12 including 2 juvenile started feeding on sand mason worms as soon as the beach became exposed. Shame none had darvic rings.
Some of the Meds.
You can see the end of the sea wall,
and the sand mason worms tubes on the beach.

No.2 outflow 19:30 (MD)
Common Tern 1 adult
Common Tern with Blackpool tower in the background.

Arctic Tern 1 juvenile