Saturday 6 April 2024

Quite a variety passing through

A fresh SE wind increased in strength and ended up from SW. mainly dry with some sunny periods in the afternoon.

Two quick checks of the horse field at Imperial road saw only two Little Egrets today.

South shore
I managed two checks (Malcolm). A short check of the foreshore in the morning towards high water and a walk along the sea wall in the afternoon.
Morning - quite a bit along the foreshore 
Common Sandpiper 1

Common Sandpiper

Wheatear 8

Common Snipe 3
Linnet 8 (3, 5) in off
Alba Wagtail 1 in off
Mallard pair on the saltmarsh 

Afternoon - by this time the wind was very strong from the south.
Shag 1 adult. It came from the north side and landed out from the harbour mouth. It then allowed itself to drift with the tide till it was close to the wooden jetty.

When it was  "close enough" it flew to the jetty, surprisingly ending up on one of the most exposed spots.

Shag on the post centre of picture. Not its regular resting place.

Willow Warbler/Chiffchaff 5 at least in brambles between lighthouse and waterfall, most if not all were Willow Warbler.
White Wagtail 1 briefly on the roundhead. Neither of us could barely stand!

White Wagtail 
Rock Pipit 1 near lighthouse 

North shore

Andrew McCafferty checked from the north sea wall

Red-Throated Diver 1

Guillemot 1

Pete had an unexpected opportunity to scope for some Knot rings, as the Knot were resting on top of the old heliport sea wall, despite the lowish tide. At least they were, till a Sparrowhawk took one.

Swallow 1 north

White Wagtail 1

Jean checked a few areas:

Vismig over Heysham Head: 

Linnet 37

Siskin 2

Redpoll 1

Redwing 1. 

Also 3 Willow Warblers singing.

MNR - 5 Willow Warblers singing.

HNR - 5 Willow Warblers singing, 4 Chiffchaffs singing. 

Heliport 1 Common Snipe

Just out of the recording area - horse paddock behind Middleton Parish Hall

Glossy Ibis seen in the morning at least.