Wednesday 1 March 2023

March.......came in like a lamb

A slightly fresher NE wind but still very mild. Some sunshine with scattered light showers.

South shore (MD)
Just a quick check from Red Nab to the saltmarsh. It felt like a ghost town! No sign of any passerines except a glimpse of
Kingfisher 1 flew across Red Nab
I did say it was just a glimpse

Little Egret 1
Shelduck 88 - these are a few of them on Red Nab, quite a lot of posturing going on.

Once again no geese seen or reported flying over or feeding on and around the area.

Imperial Rd (MD)
Just a quick look in passing.
Buzzard 1

Common Buzzard

Wood Pigeon 43 - they were feeding in the field east of the boundary road, so technically "seen from". But they do rest in the trees on the west side. These are just some of them.
You wonder what they find to eat there.

Hedgehog 1 - seen near Trumacar school early morning. First record this year, thanks Joanne.

A bit of an anticlimax day, and little sign of much change in the weather till next week, then it looks even worse! 

Just out of the recording area - Heysham Moss Nature Reserve (MD)
I couldn't resist another look this afternoon although I wasn't really expecting the Barn Owl again, the showers, although light were more persistent at this time. 
Grey Heron 2
Teal 2 female
Roe Deer 2 - unfortunately they saw me before I saw them and I didn't even get a decent look at their rumps to check what sex.