Thursday 2 March 2023

Just possibly, a suggestion of movement

A very light east breeze. A dry day after a morning shower.

South shore (MD)
I went out just as the morning shower ended, wondering if it had grounded anything passing over. And possibly it did, but nothing obvious.
Collar Dove 1 resting on the small anemometer 
Collar Dove, there hasn't been one in the Nature Park over winter

Yesterday there were no passerines along foreshore and Red Nab, today wasn't much better, but there was 
Pied Wagtail 1
Dunnock 2 
One of two Dunnock on Red Nab 

Rock Pipit 3 - definitely not movement, these were the three near the lighthouse. This one was feeding on the sloping wall.
Little Egret 2
Shelduck c80
Wigeon 130 They are in full breeding plumage now and looking very smart. This male is having a preen and provides an all round view.

Eider pair out from the Harbour
No Kittiwake remain 
Redshank 152 

Just out of the recording area - Heysham Moss Nature Reserve 
Thanks to Ian (via Janet) for these shots.
The Barn Owl appears to be attached to a ribbon, but it probably grabbed some foliage when it grabbed the rodent, and it won't relax its grip till its ready.

However, other detailed shots seen by Janet, do look like it the brown near the talons are jesses and ankle straps. So, perhaps I've been mistaking those for prey in its talons, and is, as Ian suggests, the owl is an escapee (MD)