Saturday 13 July 2019

Warmer than expected

Middleton Nature Reserve - late morning.
It was barely 18C before the sun came out, but enough to warm the blood of this pair of Red-veined darters.

There were another two male RVD around main pond edges.
No information yet regarding sightings from warmer afternoon.

Other dragonflies:
Common darter (mature males now providing an alternative red bodied dragonfly)
Black tailed skimmer
Brown hawker

Little grebe - juv on "no swimming" pond

Ocean Edge salt marsh creek

Wooden jetty area - evening.
There were 17 Mediterranean gulls between No.1 outflow and wooden jetty, 4 hours before high water. Surprisingly, none with darvic rings.
1cy          1
2cy          4
Adult      12

The female Rock pipit is still feeding at least one juv.