Saturday, 28 July 2018

Yet more Meds

Ad Med and Ad Little incoming tide this am
Unringed juv outfalls (thanks Malcolm)

Thanks to Richard for persevering in horrible conditions this morning with the attempted Med ring-reading
So far then:

R13E - returning French bird seen here in at least three late summers since 2011 - must have a decent life history now - white letters on green background

Nestling15/06/2009Oye Plage, Les Huttes d'Oye, Pas-de-Calais, FRANCE  50,59N 2,03E
Seen20/09/2009Le Portel, Pas-de-Calais, FRANCE  50,42N 1,34E
Seen07/02/2010Piriac-sur-Mer, Loire-Atlantique, FRANCE  47,23N 2,33W
Seen18/02/2010Piriac-sur-Mer, Loire-Atlantique, FRANCE  47,23N 2,33W
Seen21/04/2010Barbâtre, Polder de Sebastopol, Vendée, FRANCE  46,56N 2,09W
Seen27/04/2011Barbâtre, Polder de Sebastopol, Vendée, FRANCE  46,56N 2,09W
Seen03/08/2011Heysham outfalls
Seen21/07/2013Heysham outfalls
Seen22/07/2013Heysham outfalls
Seen31/12/2014Noyalo, étang, Pont Grandic, Noyalo, Morbihan, FRANCE  47,37N 2,41W
Seen05/07/2015Heysham outfalls
Seen23/07/2016Heysham outfalls
Seen06/03/2017Playa de El Rinconin, Gijón, Asturias, SPAIN  43,32N 5,38W
Seen28/07/2018Heysham outfalls

ANLT - white letters on green background.  Another returning bird which has been re-ringed on the nest (German)

5405056/AKRS then replaced with ANLT from 22.05.2016
Nestling M16.06.2012 Pionierinsel Lühe, Steinkirchen, Stade, Niedersachsen, GERMANY 53 34N 9 36E
Seen08.07.2013 Heysham outfalls
Seen13.07.2013 Heysham outfalls
Seen21.07.2013 Heysham outfalls
Seen14.05.2016 Pionierinsel Lühe, Steinkirchen, Stade, Niedersachsen, GERMANY 53 34N 9 36E
Caught/nest22.05.2016Pionierinsel Lühe, Steinkirchen, Stade, Niedersachsen, GERMANY 53 34N 9 36E
Seen31.03.2017Pionierinsel Lühe, Steinkirchen, Stade, Niedersachsen, GERMANY 53 34N 9 36E
Seen30.08.2017Heysham outfalls
Seen28.07.2018Heysham outfalls

PKR4 - white letters on red background - Polish - no info yet

Please do have a go at ring reading if you are down there - at least one more adult, one 3CY and two

juvs seen in recent days which have not been read.   Low or early incoming tide probably best

Reed Warbler - just received info of a Reed Warbler caught on 4/5/18 when there was a massive

fall of migratory warblers, including two Belgian, one French and one British Sedge Warbler controls 
(on a CES!).  This Reed Warbler has just recently been caught on territory at Lough Neagh,
Northern Ireland where they are still pretty scarce and relatively recent colonists.   One previous
example of a spring-ringed bird subsequently breeding elsewhere in the same season was
just across the Bay at Barrow!!
Richard's Donaghey's email this am:
"I'm sure your guys will have picked up on this but we are very pleased to have our first Reed
Warbler recovery. We only began ringing along the west shore of Lough Neagh last year with two visits and
we were very pleased to ring c120 Sedge Warblers and an amazing 30 Reed Warblers, which from your time
in NI, you'll know this is a massive total! We were very surprised that that we didn't get a single control from
c150 acros, even on the way back north this spring. On the first visit this year that changed when we caught
your Middleton Reed Warbler and  French Sedge Warbler, hopefully more to come"
Little Gull - ad around
Shag - wooden jetty

Whimbrel - saltmarsh