Wednesday 1 June 2022

June wader fest (sort of)

The light wind was again quite variable, but basically started NNE and ended WNW. Sunny in morning and evening but overcast in between.

Just my checks of Heysham Skear so far (MD)
Morning low water 07:45 - I went down at 08:45 and walked the tide in.
Eider 17
Great Crested Grebe 5
Red-breasted Merganser 5
Little Egret 9 plus 1 Heron
Ringed Plover 8 on inner skear
Dunlin 7 - one with the Ringed Plover plus six "together"
Dunlin and Ringed Plover

I said the other six were "together". The inverted commas signify, not quite together, there were six in the same location, but one definitely wanted to be alone!
This clip starts with the individual Dunlin, but the quickly rising tide was pushing the five closer to it. Two Dunlin start to swim towards it then seem to recognise it and shoot off!

One of the other birds did join it briefly 

But was politely asked to "go away"
I tend to forget just how flexible the long billed waders bill tips actually are (MD)

Time to leave

Curlew 1
Sanderling 13 (10+3)
Knot 1 - this distant clip shows the Knot with some of the Sanderling 
The significance of this clip is that by this time the tide was quite well in, these birds were no more than 200m from the fishing platform. They would not have been visible from there at this time as the bank beyond them was quite steep, but I'm sure thy would have been viewable from the platform by about 10:45. There is another chance tomorrow c11:15.

It was a lovely evening, and I couldn't resist another look, this time on the ebbing tide.
Sanderling 21 - possibly including some of this morning's birds, but the mix was totally different 4,2,1,1,2,1,4,1,1,1,3.
Sanderling looking splendid in the evening sun

Curlew 4
Whimbrel 2 - you can hear them calling in this clip.

So, with the Oystercatchers a total of 7 wader species, not bad for June.

This Peregrine was trying to reduce the wader number this evening, but went back with empty talons.