Sunday, 19 July 2009

Refugee from the moors

Catoptria margaritella via John Girdley. Thanks John. Two Red-veined Darter pics from Colin Whittle

Heysham Obs
Middleton IE
Red-veined Darter - one male model boat pond but windy & cool. A female was probably seen but not 100% claimed by a cautious experienced observer as the pterostigma was only glimpsed before it took flight & was lost
Black-tailed Skimmer - 3 males model boat pond
Heysham NR
Gatekeeper - after years of pussyfooting around in single or low double figures, they have 'taken off' with 43 casually counted today in rather windy conditions
Common Hawker - 2 males
Small Skipper - 200+
Moth trap
The pyralid Catoptria margaritella is a familar sight at sheet and light trapping on the local moorlands and also in the MV traps nearby this 'habitat' e.g. Millhouses & High Tatham. It is pretty scarce away from these areas and the first record for here materialised this morning. Also the first Barred Rivulet for the year.

Red Nab/Ocean Edge foreshore
Med Gull: 4 adults (2 Red Nab, one off OE saltmarsh, one on mudflats S of OE) & one 2CY
Whimbrel - 2
Common Sandpiper - 1