Thursday 28 July 2022

Two Terns and a slight hitch

SE to east breeze all day, but no sunshine to tempt the insects. Light showers.

South Shore
Janet took these shots in the Nature Park 

Blue Tit looking for food amongst the weed on top of the newt pond

Ringlet, not as worn as yesterday's, but still showing signs of wear

I had two walks along the wall, the first mid afternoon on the dropping tide (MD)
Sandwich Tern at least 1 feeding in the shipping lane between the outflows - this is the slight "hitch" I didn't actually see any, but constant calling and the occasional splash, showing that it/they were feeding.

Common Tern 1 juvenile feeding on No.2 outflow

Juvenile Common Tern

It seemed to be finding plenty of tit bits, it finds something here.

I couldn't resist another look in the evening. No sign of any Terns.
Mediterranean gulls 23 feeding on the beach next to the wooden jetty including 5 juvenile. Most were too far out to check for rings, but these were mid distance. The encouraging thing was that they were catching Sandmason worms.