Monday, 20 December 2021

Colour returns to the world......shame the birds were black and white!

Initially calm, still quite cool, but no mist today, later a very light NE breeze. Overcast but it remained largely dry.

At least Pete and Jean could conduct their WeBS today - of interest:
Guillemot 1 inshore by the Sunny Slopes groyne.
Mediterranean gull 1 adult on the lamppost near the traffic lights junction of Oxcliffe Rd. This was a regular roost last year, but mainly around high water.
Wigeon 190 on Red Nab
Jean took this shot of the Cormorants feeding by the wooden jetty, this is the same "view" as the shot I posted yesterday!
Cormorants feeding by the wooden jetty

I only had time for one walk this morning (MD)
Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just the two main ponds checked.
Main pond:
Mute Swan 2 adult 9 cygnets 
Mallard 8
Moorhen 4

No swimming pond:
Gadwall 34
Wigeon 2 (pair) in association with the Gadwall
Tufted duck 2 male
Coot 1
Moorhen 4

South shore
Rock Pipit 3 one on Red Nab plus two squabbling near the waterfall 
Shelduck 80
Pink-Footed goose 93 - I was just thinking how quiet it sounded today without the constant honking of the last two days, when these flew over towards the Lune estuary. But they were the only ones this morning.
Pale-bellied Brent 26 on Red Nab - this flock of 7 arrived at 10:10, very early for birds coming from the north side, but perfectly timed to arrive just as the water reached the gut weed covered rocks. I suspect they came directly from the west side.

A further flock of 19 arrived at 10:30, these definitely came from the north side, probably from the children's play area.
Some of the 19 Brent flying along the sea wall towards Red Nab
This clip was later in the tide, it shows how close cropped the Wigeon keep the gut weed on the rocks, but there are pockets of longer weed as the last Brent on this clip shows. 

Great Black-Backed gull 4. The green ringed juvenile was present again, this time in the company of 3 adult. 
It's not possible to make out from this shot, but this is the same green ringed juvenile
first seen 9/12/21. Ringing details still awaited, but it is part of the NW gull project