Wednesday 26 February 2014

Czech Med's last few days of the winter

Heysham Obs
Spring is in full flow with the Great Tit examining last year's nest site in the gate post today and the Czech Med coming into full summer plumage and pawing the ground ready for its usual departure in 3-4 days time.  Will it return after an innings of ten years?

Med Gull - Czech bird around anglers and another ad on Fishers roof
Guillemot - 3 in harbour
Kittiwake - 12 in harbour (one 2CY)
Little Gull - 2 x 2CY outfalls at highish tide
Twite - 42
Linnet - 11

Middleton mb pond
Pochard - 4 x male 1 x female
Scaup - 2CY male

The wind has unfortunately been too southerly for the moth trap in the last few days