Monday 27 November 2023

Brent behaving, but the Little gull still elusive

Heavy overnight rain stopped about 09:00, it then remained dry. A very cold and, thankfully, light north wind.

Only records from the south sea wall so far.
Kevin was first out.
Pale-bellied Brent 15 on Red Nab
A lovely shot of an immature male Eider between the outflows

Janet was hot on his heels and also saw the Eider, although the tide was further out by this time. 
It came under the wooden jetty then headed to number one outfall.

Little Gull 1 adult on No.2 outflow

In this light the inner underwing looks pale.
Possibly what I thought was a 2nd calendar year bird last week (MD)

In these last three shots it has picked up something long and thin.
Too long and thin for a sandeel, possibly a Pipefish.

You will have to open the pictures to be able to see its catch

This Black-Headed gull also has a long thin fish,
but this one looks right for a sndeel

Just a few of the 160+ Wigeon


Janet was just coming off as I was setting off c13:00 (MD). No sign of the Little gull on the way out or the way back. The Brent Geese were still feeding on Red Nab, but headed for the north side at 13:20.