Monday 11 May 2020


There were 188 Common Gull and 18 Lesser Black- Backed feeding on and around No.1 outflow as the tide started to flood.
The LBB favour the sea wall end whereas the Common prefer the sea end

Mediterranean Gull one 2nd calendar year briefly on No.1 outflow slightly later in tide.

Black-Headed Gull 117 feeding on small shrimps in the drain into the lake to north of the skeer as tide was ebbing.

When the drain emptied,  they headed off together north

Rock Pipits:
1 Red Nab
1 Visiting nest site near lighthouse
2 very territorial below high cliffs

Wheatear 1 Heysham Head

Skeer in evening
Eider 18 only 2 female
Great Crested Grebe 8
Knot, just 14 today
Is this them away?

Similarly with the 6 Dunlin

Another good moth from Kevin's trap SD46A
Miller moth