Tuesday 12 October 2021

Jackdaw movement continues, but almost certainly under recorded

NW breeze, largely overcast with a few light showers.

Heysham skear - low water 10:30
Eider 10 
Great Crested Grebe only 1 seen!
Red-Breasted Merganser 10. A group of 8 female/juvenile plus another single f/j and a male. 
Pink-Footed goose 70 south
Little Egret 9
Grey Heron 2
Peregrine 1 rested on the skear a while before heading inland.
Grey Wagtail 1 SE

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just a 5 minute visit on my way home.
Mute unchanged 
Mallard 10 on main pond plus 1 male in association with....
Gadwall 15
Little grebe 2 together, 1 was markedly larger than the other, but I don't know if that relates to sex, age or both (MD). At least one of these birds is new on the pond.
This is just a still from the above clip.
Two Little grebe with an immature Moorhen behind

Just as I was leaving 11:45. A group of c50 Jackdaw headed south. It's hard to imagine that this would have been the only movement here today. Jackdaw pass over like a wave, they seem to move in all directions, but the net effect is travel in the desired direction. This is some of them.

Red Nab and Ocean Edge towards high water.
Mediterranean gull just two adult identified on Red Nab
Wigeon c20 - the Wigeon keep Red Nab gut weed cropped quite short, but they prefer feeding on it when it is floating in shallow water.
Canada goose 2 south (ref Kevin)
Shelduck just 1
Rock Pipit 2 on foreshore, again, no Robins.
Linnet c20 on saltmarsh 
Finally, this Carrion Crow was convinced that this milk bottle contained something edible.
It continued like this for several minutes, before I moved on. And it was still trying to open it when I returned 15 minutes later. I think there was little bit of rancid milk inside, presumably the crow could smell it.