Monday 21 August 2023

Distant Osprey was a bonus

A fresh south wind drifting to SW. a heavy shower after lunch but otherwise dry with a bit of late afternoon sunshine.

South Shore
Janet had a walk along the wall just after lunch and before the worst of the rain.
This young Black-Headed gull had to walk on water... collect its fish

Little Egret on Red Nab

Turnstone and Redshank on No.1 outflow

I checked from Red Nab to the shore out from the saltmarsh, till rain stopped play! (MD)
Mediterranean gull 8 adult on Red Nab. Just one white darvic ringed bird which has been with us all summer.
Mediterranean and Black-Headed gulls on Red Nab

Osprey 1 flying south (also seen from Cockersands). It was very distant, this shot and clip are very heavily zoomed in.
The Osprey is directly below Piel Castle at the beginning of this clip.
I tracked the Osprey for over 3 minutes and it wasn't once challenged by any gulls or other birds.

And that's it really. The only waders were Oystercatcher, Curlew, Redshank and a couple of Lapwing. I don't think the lack of other waders was down to the Osprey which had passed a while earlier.
No Wheatear  or Rock Pipit either.

Pelican update - It was seen today over Denton Moor, to the NE of Ilkley (see post 19/08/23)