Tuesday 7 May 2013

Cagebird migration

Heysham Obs
In a rush-more later.  An 'ultramarine' blue closed cagebird ring on a 'migrant' Lesser Redpoll today - the second cagebird ring in two springs.  This one was (white lettering) 10A (first line vertically),11 (second line vertically) then horizontally B1994.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Office area
Trickle of swallows - c15 per hour. No other vis recorded other than ringed redpolls
Lesser Redpoll - 12 plus the above plus yet another 'proper' control, this one on the sequence starting D250
Willow Warbler - small fall first thing with 13 ringed
Blackcap - couple of unringed females may have been local at a rarely used net site

Very poor over the sea
Arctic Tern - 7 in
Sandwich Tern - 35 or so blogging/out
Whimbrel - 1
Meadow Pipit - one north!
Swallow - steady stream from early on (figures later)

Butterflies - mass emergence!

Red Nab, 2 linnets