Thursday 2 April 2015

Slow going in decent conditions

Heysham Obs
The best sighting received today was at 0028hrs - an email indicating one of our Grey Wagtails was at Melrose sewage works (c210km NNE) on 25th March.  More details needed to see exactly which bird (i.e. which way round the rings were).  Thanks to David and hope to hear back from you soon and we'll get it individualised

Offshore 0830-0900
Pretty dead other than:
Carrion Crow - a straggling line of 17 heading across the bay plus one high to north over Middleton

Vis mig - interrupted as travelling between sites
Meadow Pipit - 95
alba Wagtail - 14 (all along coast)
Carrion crow - see above

Middleton NR
Cetti's Warbler - singing from usual spot along the bank on north side of Middleton western marsh reedbed (near sewage works)
Shelduck - pair model boat pond

In the calmer weather, most of the large gulls 'replaced' by Common and Black-headed:
Common Gull - 225
Black-headed Gull - 75
large gulls - 60
Little Egret - 1

Not a lot
Goldcrest - four ringed
Chiffchaff - one at red nab probably a migrant
Reed Bunting - still 5 feeding on reed mace seed on Middleton (whilst three singing males also on territory)