Monday 1 June 2020

Think everyone must have been queuing at Ikea today

The breeze had shifted round to north by lunchtime. Still hot with constant sunshine.

A brief check around lighthouse area in the morning located 6 Rock pipits:
I'm as sure as I can be that these records are all different birds, suggesting possibly two breeding pairs (MD)
Two feeding close together on the wrack line on south wall near No.1 outflow. They both appeared to be looking for food and I never saw one feeding the other. But on two occasions, when I was out of the line of sight  there was a crescendo of peeping.
One adult standing guard over nest site near lighthouse.
Another bird flew from waterfall area.
Two birds together on the sea wall just in front the locked gate. I have been seeing one adult here regularly. The posture of one of these suggested juvenile. Unfortunately I surprised them and they flew off to the front of Fishers.

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Dan again located the pair of Cetti's Warbler feeding two young.

Hopefully more, or at least a nice flat pack table, later.