Sunday 8 January 2023

Pochard makes it for another winter.

 A quite fresh south to SSE wind, heavy rain around lunchtime, other than that dry, but mainly overcast.

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
Just the two adult and five immature Mute Swans on the main pond.
The water level on the "no swimming" pond continues to rise. It is now over 2m above its normal level.
This is the same view as I posted 2nd January, at that time it was covering
the reeds, it's now half way up the bushes!

I have checked a couple of times this week, but the pond was deserted each time. But it wasn't deserted today:
Gadwall 21
Tufted Duck 2 male
Pochard 1 male - this is the first record this winter, they (he?) and are just managing to remain an annual record.
Pochard and Tufted duck (drake)
It looks as if this pair of Gadwall were seeing off two unwelcome males, although it is the female doing most of the "seeing off"

South shore
This was the opposite to yesterday, I'd just reached Red Nab when the rain started, and it continued for the rest of the walk!
Shag 1 immature in the harbour
Red-breasted Merganser 1 female near Red Nab, 1 male in harbour
Peregrine Falcon 1 male
Rock Pipits 2 - Red Nab and near wooden jetty
The above records from Jonathan who was just coming off as I got there (better timing!)

Pale-bellied Brent geese 15 - 2, 5 and 8 flew south from Red Nab
Wigeon c120 
Bar-Tailed Godwit 1 resting on Red Nab
Bar-Tailed Godwit - located by Phil

It  was bucketing down, so I didn't await the ferry. Fortunately Pete checked
Kittiwake 10 despite SSE wind and poor visibility