Thursday, 16 June 2011

Maps and numbers day

Bee Orchid, Silver Ground Carpet and Common Whitethroat photographed today.  Thanks Janet
Heysham Obs
Work-wise at the computer and also in the form of today's rather modest novelties, two Map-winged Swift in the moth trap and, in the field, the long-winded Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet moth, along with the more marketable Six-spot burnet

Red Nab/Ocean Edge
A mistimed visit saw most of the gulls having disappeared due to the high tide but a 3CY Med was still sitting on the sea

Ringing recovery
The French ringing scheme seems to have got its act together with today's receipt of a load of Sand Martin controls ringed on the Lune and also this from Middleton showing how early adult Sedge Warblers depart the country:

Sedge Warbler
Ringed:  Middleton NR      Ad male        16/7/09
Caught:  Tour aux Moutons, Donges, Loire Atlantique, France  31/7/09