Wednesday 8 July 2020

Lunar Hornets like double decker buses

Gentle easterlies for most of the day. Mainly overcast with some showers.

Todays title refers to the wait, not the size - you wait since the dawn of time for one to be recorded in the Heysham area......then three turn up together!
Lunar Hornet Clearwing Moth - a total of three attracted to Pete’s daytime pheromone lure near the entrance to the ringing area on Middleton Nature Reserve. First one 08:24.
This one landed on Kevin’s windscreen.

South Shore
Mid morning - tide out (MD)
A few Meadow Browns coming in off against the east breeze were the only sign of insect movement. Not surprising given the recent weather.
Rock Pipit 1 near nest site by lighthouse
Mediterranean gull - 4/5 adult plus 1 x 3rd calendar year resting on rocks on seaward side of the beach next to wooden jetty

Linnet having a bath in freshwater culvert at Red Nab

Willow Warbler in brambles near lighthouse 

Noon - tide flooding (SC)
Mediterranean gull - 5 adult (probably birds near jetty earlier). As tide came in they all departed east over caravan park towards golf course.

Evening - tide ebbing (MD)
At least two adult Mediterranean gull on the mud between outflows. Including the white darvic ringed bird. Unfortunately out of reading range.

Whimbrel 1 (first autumn record)