Wednesday 21 June 2023

More Meds and more RVD

A light SW wind. Sunny for most of the day.

South Shore (MD)
There were no gulls on Red Nab, despite plenty of it still exposed. They must have been flushed by something, probably a four legged something. Presumably they had been resting on the shore as they arrived at the saltmarsh at the same time as I did.
It isn't easy spotting all the Mediterranean gulls, but you can make out four adults and a few first summer landing in this clip.

Unfortunately, many of the gulls ended up obscured by the marsh and other gulls, I checked from several angles and ended up with a minimum:
Mediterranean gull 13 - 4 adults, including the metal ringed bird plus 9 first summer, I couldn't see any second summer. These clips show some of them.

Out of all the Black-Headed gulls there was still only one juvenile.
Juvenile Black-Headed Gull in amongst the other BHG, Common and Mediterranean gulls

Lapwing 2
Linnet 12

The only other records so far today are from Rosemary and Peter Silvester's afternoon check of the main pond on Middleton Nature Reserve.
Red-Veined Darter 2 male 16:00

Male Red-Veined Darter

Female Black-Tailed Skimmer

Male Broad-Bodied Chaser

Female Broad-bodied Chaser ovipositoring 

The blue ringed Black-Headed Gull seen on Sunday was ringed as an adult at Bowness-on-Windermere 29/11/22. The link to this scheme is below, it is also added to the links on the side bar. If you see any of the birds from this scheme you can report it directly via this link.

There was a  maintenance engineer climbing down from the top of large anemometer. 

Made my knees go wobbly just looking at him!