Monday, 13 June 2016

Spring and autumn cross paths

Heysham Obs
A routine seawatch by Ian at Rossall led to a text whilst I was still in bed recovering from the National Moth unsocial hours - a flock of three Pomarine Skua heading for Heysham.  Thanks Ian - I should have been nearer the cutting edge. 

In the opposite mode - the first stages of "autumnal" gulls saw a single 2CY Mediteranean amongst the increasing numbers of Black-headed Gulls (320) around the outfalls - Heysham 2 looking favoured

Help with these gulls greatly appreciated this late summer/autumn as my eyes might not be up to detailed scrutiny, so we need some more birders around.  Thanks

Sunday 12th

Heysham Obs
A very worn Silver Y, a Rush Veneer and three Shaded Pug were the highlights in the moth trap

Saturday 11th

Heysham Obs
The moth trap held the first 2 Silver Y of the year and others included the highly localised Phtheochroa inopiana, a Fleabane specialist with a track record here and Middleton but very few other places in the county, Blackneck and the only Light Brown Apple Moth we managed to record for NMN! 

Friday 10th

Heysham Obs
A very rushed trap check as part of a production line of traps! Highlights Shaded Pug, Freyers Pug, Agapeta zoegana.

Some day-searching on Middleton by Janet procured Grapholita compositella, Yellow Shell, Latticed Heath, Cinnabar, Triangle Plume .  Thanks for the pics

3 Burnet Companion seen by Reuben whilst on a litter pick Heysham NR 45E

Thursday 9th

Heysham Obs
A decent first night of the NMN in the moth trap highlighted by Silky Wainscot, Black-neck and Shaded Pug.

23 Canada Goose still roosting overnight on the skeer off Heysham

Pics from Janet from Middleton - thanks


Wednesday 8th

Heysham Obs
Middleton NR selection - thanks Janet

Tuesday 7th

Heysham Obs
Sorry for the backlog - problems downloading pics on home computer

Fly-over Greylag and Mute Swan trying to drown Coot chick -typical midsummer birding! Thanks Janet