Thursday 6 June 2019

Thursday 6th June

Middleton Nature Reserve early afternoon
Went while sun was shining to check the dragonflies:
Black-tailed skimmer m & f on main pond
Four-spotted chaser at least 10, most on no swimming pond
Broad-bodied chaser 4 (1f) on new small ponds (west sise of western marsh)

The female from the main pond is now on the "no swimming" pond with 5 of the original 7 young.
The pair from the "no swimming" pond now occupy the main pond, but have acquired an additional chick, and now also have 5. The ousted male is still beside the main pond.

Gadwall 3

Cetti's warbler
None singing today, hopefully all busy. There have been four territories confirmed this year.

Harbour area - evening
Rock pipit - one adult still hanging around, but no evidence that any of the young survived.

No sign of long staying Guillemot, but it has gone awol before.

Wednesday 5th June

Low water channels early am
No sign of Great-crested grebe or Red-breasted merganser today.
Eider c40
Canada goose two lots flew north 4 + 8

Tuesday 4th June

Slim pickings and limited observers this week (MD)

Low water channels early am
Bar-tailed godwit 10 (not sp)
Dunlin 2
Red-breasted merganser 5
Great-crested grebe 6
Eider c50

North shore lunchtime
Rock pipit appears to be guarding territory

Middleton Nature Reserve
The dominant male mute which had nested on the "no swimming" pond has brought his family to main pond, and is attempting to oust the pair that nested there.