Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Ferry delivers the goods

Suboptimal strength winds/showers for this time of year were, as usual, pretty unproductive during the normal seawatch, but it is always worth waiting for incoming ferries.   Most of the Meds seem to have disappeared from around the outfalls/the sand mason worm area, leaving just two dip-feeding 1CY on the outfalls and presumably the usual adult around the harbour area.  Therefore it as a surprise to see an extra eight adult Meds behind the ferry 

Offshore/inshore/ferry late morning
Bonxie - one flew into the bay at mid-range just before the ferry arrived
Kittiwake - 3 ads behind ferry
Little Gull - adult winter behind ferry
Med Gull - ad harbour area, two 1CY outfalls, then a further 8 ad behind ferry
Razorbill/Guillemot - two out distantly
Wigeon - now 40 Red Nab
Rock Pipit - the lighthouse breeding pair were in situ with the female visiting one of the nesting holes!  Another on Red Nab
Common Gull - 6 juvs on outfalls and several behind ferry