Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Little change

The weather remained hot and sultry. With light variable breezes from SW to N.

Ocean Edge/Red Nab - a bit late in tide due to hold ups resulting from chemical spill (on road not sea) PM
Mediterranean gull 14 including 3 juvenile

Middleton Nature Reserve 
The water level on the "no swimming " pond has risen 1m since yesterday's early morning deluge.
Today no Little Grebes could be found on this pond, but an adult and a juvenile were feeding on the much shallower main pond.
Juvenile Little Grebe
Adult in summer plumage
The birds were feeding themselves,
but close  together in the shallow area near the peninsula.

Common Sandpiper 1 - did a circuit of the "no swimming" pond.
Water Rail 1 calling from central marsh
Remaining wildfowl as yesterday.

Dragonflies as yesterday too, except add 1 Black-Tailed Skimmer.

Lighthouse area
Just a quick check as the tide was starting to cover the beach next to wooden jetty, found almost nothing - no gulls on beach, no sign of any Rock Pipits and no insect movement (none was expected with the westerly breeze).
The only sign of life were a couple of Willow Warblers near the waterfall, plus the resident Linnets.