Sunday, 14 July 2019

Definition of "elusive"

The long staying 3cy Shag was seen regularly this year till early April. If it remained in the area after that, its status is regarded as "elusive".
I've checked the records, the only reports since 13th April have been 26th May and today. That is quite elusive. (MD)
Shag - adult or near adult - one feeding in inner harbour, near wall below sandworks, 13:45.

N.B. This bird was quite distant, you may need to open pictures "in a new tab" to have a chance of making out any features.

Rock pipit - one adult seen with food today near LMS building. It wasn't clear if this was to feed fledged chicks, or just possibly a different family with chicks in nest. Further observations will confirm.

Mediterranean gulls - 3.5 hr after high water
Harbour mouth - 2 adults on water
Beach between jetty and No.1 outflow
1 x 2cy
1 x 3cy
6 x adult

These, very interesting, records are from Shaun Coyle:
Family of 5 Rock Pipits at lighthouse, Harbour (2 young still being fed) + a pair at Red Nab afterwards.
Med gull - 9 adult + 1 x 2cy, roosting. One hour before high tide