Saturday 24 October 2020

A compete washout - well, almost

Winds from the south to SW. Heavy rain in the morning, giving way to alternating heavy and not so heavy rain in the afternoon!

Nothing of note on the south shore in the morning. Just before I squelched back to my car, I came across a very large feeding mixed tit flock below the small anemometer, but by that time my optics were useless with condensation. At least one warbler (Chiffchaff) seen plus at least one Goldcrest heard. Shame conditions weren't better.

Middleton Nature Reserve - mid afternoon
Mute 4 adult 3 + 1 cygnet 
Mute Swan and a Cormorant 
Coot 5
Moorhen 8
Gadwall 10
Shoveller 3
Little Grebe 2 (winter plumage bird on "no swimming" pond. Partial summer plumage bird on Tim Butler pond)
Common Snipe 5

No warblers seen or heard
This Dunnock summed up the day!