Tuesday 31 March 2020

Ringing recoveries

The lockdown and short walk from home strategy has led to three Grey Wagtail reports in quick succession - all on breeding territory - along with a misreported CR Pied Wag which will be passed on

ARB6429   Ringed  Juvenile    Heysham Nature Reserve  2/9/19
Breeding male:  River Brock, Brock, Lancs    26/3/20    22km SE

ARB7379    Ringed:  Juvenile   Middleton NR   14/9/19
Breeding male:  Teviot Haughs, Roxburghshire    20-23/3/20   170km NNE

AOA0043   Ringed   Juvenile  Heysham Nature Reserve 23/9/17
Breeding female:  River Cocker, Cockermouth, Cumbria  30-31/3/20  76km NNW
This is the location of the Cockermouth nest site - thanks Carl