Sunday 26 July 2020

Record number of Meds

Still SW winds with a few showers and mainly overcast.

South shore on flooding tide (SC, MJ, PM)
It's not always easy to get accurate counts of roosting birds with multiple observers. Everyone today saw lots of Meds, although they started to drift off south as the tide rose. However, Shaun went through each of the areas systematically and managed an astonishing 83. Previous highest 78 in 2019. 
Mediterranean gull 
Red Nab: 45 3cy/ad + 2 juvenile 
Outfalls and Wooden jetty: 33 3cy/ad + 3 juvenile 
Adult Med resting on beach 

Black-t Godwit 1
Common Tern 1 adult on No.2 outflow 
Whimbrel at least one
Another bird, surprisingly difficult to see on rocks

Nice picture of a Small Skipper - this and the two images above from Matt

Heysham Nature Reserve - afternoon (KE)
Butterflies included:
Meadow Brown
Speckled Wood
Small Skipper
Common Blue
The Peacock was a lovely, freshly emerged specimen. 

Comma, nicely displaying the white "comma" on underwing