Friday 22 April 2022

Enough to maintain interest

The fresh east wind continued moving to NE by evening. Plenty of high cloud with much less sunshine than yesterday.

North shore waterline - low water 10:30 (MD)
Eider 7
Dark-bellied Brent 1 flew out
Quite late Dark-bellied Brent goose

Whimbrel 4. 3 together on this clip, plus another in
Sandwich Tern 2
Wheatear 1

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Lesser Whitethroat 3 seen/heard by Mark Jones

South shore towards high water (MD)
Shelduck 2
Little Egret 5
Shag 1 2nd calendar year on wooden jetty 
Wheatear 5
Rock Pipit 5 (2 Red Nab, 1 at least along sea wall and 2 at lighthouse)
Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff (or both) 2 providing glimpses in brambles near waterfall 
Linnet 2
White Wagtail 2 near lighthouse feeding on the glut of incoming insects. Sorry about jerky clip, it was pretty windy here. Even so, you can still see the small "flies" flitting about.

There were insects, everywhere again, although probably not the profusion and variety of yesterday. It hadn't been as warm today and my visit was later in the tide than Kevin yesterday (the insects seem to focus more in this area when it is the only portion of sea wall directly in contact with the sea).
Even so, many of the "flies" proved to be beetles and bugs when they settled. Typically 4 to 6mm, but this small "bug" was only about 2mm.
It landed on my hand

Even zoomed in I can't identify it - I'm sure some of you will know (MD)
You have to wonder how far this tiny bug has flown over
the sea, against a strong wind to get here