Sunday, 12 April 2020

Middleton noisy!

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Lots of warblers were singing, calling and squabbling this morning. Two observers took their exercise  here (SC and MD). Records were not aggregated unless obviously different birds, so totals represent minimum number).
Cetti's warbler - Shaun again located all 5 singing males.
Sedge warbler - 2 together in central marsh, one singing. Later, 1 singing (likely same male) from east end of fence pond.
Willow warbler 20
Chiffchaff 7
Blackcap 7
Swallow 5 north
Buzzard 1 west

Mute 2 pairs
Canada Goose 2 (again on main pond and significantly adding to the noise!)
Moorhen 8
Coot 2 plus only 2 chicks seen today
Tufted 2
Mallard 2
Little grebe 2 (hopefully the missing 2 sitting)

Red Nab area
Wheatear 2