Monday 30 June 2014

Returning birds

Heysham Obs

A check of the tide again a bit late saw four Meds on the remaining rocks - 2 Ads and 2 2CY.  One of the ads was first seen yesterday and proved to be the returning 2P96 (thanks Pete) along with 5 other Meds

A bit of multi-tasking this evening - late working/moth traps and a mist net or two to see what Swallows were roosting at Middleton.  The Swallow roost was interesting if that is ever a word you can use in this context.  13/18 caught were adults and two of these already possessed rings - ringed as a juvenile and adult in July last year here.  I cannot recall ever having retrapped a swallow from one year to the next    

Finally word from Justine indicated that two Little Ringed Plover chicks were still alive and healthy amongst the piles of broken glass on Middleton 'mound area'