Wednesday 8 July 2015

More ovipositing and another tidal vigil

Heysham Obs
Despite presence for the best part of five hours,  'only' Med Gulls could be found amongst the hordes

Outfalls on and off 1400-1900
Med Gull - 21 (no juvs) including a German ringed adult AxxY
Black-headed Gull - 1570

Model boat pond
Red-veined Darter - brief visit early pm - female ovipositing by spit and two males seen briefly over the water in rather marginal conditions

Double Dart x 4 and the first Dotted Clay of the summer

Hedgehog - 2 very small young animals encountered  next to the path above the hut at 14.10hr. Ironically these were found by LWT staff who on their way to deploy hedgehog monitoring equipment on the reserve.  The animals were moved a short distance to the edge of adjacent bushes, Hopefully they will be able to feed and develop before the colder autumn weather arrives.