Sunday 19 February 2023

Knot initially static, Snipe erratic

Quite a light SW wind. Mainly overcast but it managed to stay dry(ish).

First, Janet sent these shots she took during a walk along the south sea wall yesterday.
Blue Tit, choosing a sunflower seed from a selection of treats
left by regular visitors to the Nature Park

Red Nab Rock Pipit

Turnstiles on the sloping sea wall

Redshank on No.1 outflow 

First winter Kittiwake, also on No.1 outflow

First winter Kittiwake feeding on No.2 outflow

Curlew on Red Nab rocks

Back to today, I just checked the saltmarsh at high water (MD)
9.3m high today, enough to flush any Jack Snipe, but none seen.
When I got there, tide was already as high as it reached yesterday, even so there were still lots of Common Snipe being flushed. 124 counted leaving the saltmarsh plus two flocks (27 and 32)  flew over, didn't land today, from the NW. I suspected they came from the Heliport area, and Jean's report below suggests that was the case. Anyway, it resulted in an impressive total......
Common Snipe 183 - these are some of the birds leaving the saltmarsh 

Pale-bellied Brent goose - 14 seen flying from Red Nab direction towards Potts Corner at 09:45. Once again, Blackpool Tower finds itself in the background.

Reed Bunting 2
Rock Pipit 1

Howard had the opposite problem to recent outings, the main body of Knot was stationary in the middle of the outer wall.
Knot and Oystercatcher on the outer Heliport wall

Still, perseverance eventually paid off and he did manage to read two ringed birds
Colour coded ringed Knot
Howard had to leave, but Pete and Jean were doing a webs high water roost count, this report from Jean:
High drama on the heliport today with a female Sparrowhawk spooking 4200 Oystercatchers, 10200 Knot, 350 Redshank and 100 Turnstone. The Sparrowhawk was making off with one of the waders when a Peregrine swooped down on the Sparrowhawk and chased and swooped a bit more but the Sparrowhawk managed to escape with its dinner.
About a third of the Knot heading off

Loads of Wigeon at Red Nab - 285 - and 40 more on the saltmarsh. 14 Pale-bellied Brent at Red Nab (same birds as above).

51 Cormorants and the Shag roosting on the wooden jetty.

Imperial Rd (MD)
Just a quick in passing check
Little Egret 4
Song Thrush 2 singing
Redwing 1 in a bush by the road

Thrush sp 6 small thrushes flying south