Sunday 29 January 2023

It's mainly just the Brents today

And increasingly fresh west wind as the day progressed. A warm night and a dry day after a morning shower.

South Shore
Pete Crooks checked the play area rocks, late morning:
Pale-bellied Brent 74
Dark-bellied Brent 1

I walked out to the skear towards 11:30 low water (MD). I don't know if something spooked the Brent or they just wanted a rest, but c70 flew from the play area rocks and landed in the sea. This is the main group (there was another 3 also on the water). You can see the green marker post behind these at the start of the clip.

They chose to come ashore at the mouth of a freshwater runoff channel, many having a drink and a bath, perhaps this was their objective? They may be a large group, but there were different factions amongst it and some disputes. I couldn't see the dark-bellied amongst them and suspect it was with the other three, that had now moved on/back.

When I looked back a little later, they were trying to find somewhere to land out from the play area, but with so many birds it seems to be difficult for them all to "agree". This attempt eventually saw them landing in the less populated (and less weed available) rocks out from the Sunnyslopes groyne. But a second check a bit later, saw them back in front of the play area, where there continues to be plenty of gutweed and sea lettuce.

Bar-Tailed Godwit 4 on the shore
Dunlin c30
Turnstone c40
Knot c500
Some of the Knot

I mentioned the other day how difficult it can be to read any colour ringed Knot. I scrutinised the resting Knot and eventually located one with an orange flag. Unfortunately, initially its legs were in the water, then flew out of sight at the back of the flock.

Eider 14