Friday 13 December 2013


Heysham obs
Couldn't make it to Heysham this am because of moths in the brilliant winter months trap at millhouses. . 271 to be exact after a meticulous return search late afternoon unearthed more winter moths. At least 207 mottled umber but the only slight surprise other than the complete absence of the prolific December moth- they appear to have finished here was a worn yellow line Quaker

On the other hand Heysham nr trap held one moth but it was rather good - red sword grass

The only reported bird sightings today so far are the mixed flock of about 35 very unsettled Goldfinche/Linnet/Twite at the North Harbour feeding area in the morning.  Not seen on the ground so species counts not possible.

A brief afternoon visit saw only a handful of silhouetted birds in the sea buckthorn bushes, frightened away by a visitor.