Monday 26 February 2024

Less waders, more Peregrine

A dry day with sunny spells. A light but chilly NE wind

Just my stuff so far (Malcolm)

South shore
Pale-bellied Brent Geese 31 - most in this clip just before they flew from Red Nab

Wigeon 120
Shelduck 10
When I set off the tide was just reaching Red Nab, but the mud beyond was already empty of small waders. Along the sea wall were 2 Peregrine Falcon. One just resting and the other idly flying around, neither looked hungry!
Peregrine Falcon

I struggled keeping the flying bird in focus, mainly as it is not easy filming something directly overhead, but at least this short clip shows the lack of purpose of this flight, it was effectively resting on the wing.

No Shag seen today, but still plenty of Cormorants 
Can't say I've ever seen a Cormorant resting inside the derelict lighthouse on the wooden jetty before

These two Cormorants were resting on the same rock on Red Nab, both last year's youngsters, but one appears so much larger than the other.

Grey Wagtail 1 feeding along the sea wall

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just a short afternoon walk
Mute Swan 2 adult plus 2+2 immature being harried by the adults 
Mallard 16
Gadwall 5
Tufted Duck 1 male
Teal 6
Coot 6
Moorhen 7
Little Grebe 3 on the main pond. One near the reed bed on the eastern edge. Plus this one on the west side swimming towards a trilling bird in the opposite reed beds.

Jay 1
Stock Dove 2
Cetti's Warbler 1 burst of song from the western marsh
Pheasant 1 male constantly calling

Just out of the recording area - horse paddock behind Middleton Parish Hall

Both the Glossy Ibis and the Green Sandpiper were feeding in the field next to the horse paddock this afternoon.

They are both in this clip, with the sandpiper showing glimpses of its white rump.

Green Sandpiper