Friday, 11 June 2010

Baby bird time

Heysham Obs
Work and Frank Spencer-like ineptitude with computers where slotting maps and the like into text is concerned meant that the only way I was going to see a bird of interest was if it was brought into the office.  This is what happened at 1330hrs.  A dog walker appeared at the door with an 'injured bird'.  This transpired to be one of two Ringed Plover chicks which have led a charmed life on Half Moon Bay beach.  The dog had chased one and it crouched "injured" and was carefully picked up and brought to the office in a huge cardboard box!

I ringed it and carefully released it back on to the beach where it immediately established vocal communication with at least one parent

The only things of note on the Heysham CES were two newly-fledged Lesser Whitethroat

A Grey Squirrel was messing about under the dog-walker cars along the erserve entrance road