Monday 26 June 2023

More Meds, but still no rings.

A fresh west breeze. Dry with sunny spells.

South shore (MD)
I went along the sea wall on the ebbing tide, planning to walk out onto the shore for a closer look at the gulls feeding at the seaward end on No.1 outflow. But this morning there were hardly any gulls feeding. So I didn't bother.
There was the metal ringed adult and a first summer Mediterranean gull resting by the outflow - more on Meds later.
Mediterranean gulls resting in the lee of the stiff breeze
The Rock Pipits are still taking food to the nest hole near the lighthouse. The grasshoppers are getting bigger!
The young must be getting quite large now
There were more gulls feeding on No.1 outflow on my return, at least 3 first summer Mediterranean gulls on the seaward end. But I'd already decided not to walk out to check. Apart from the lack of gulls the beach mud is thicker and stickier than usual and latticed with drains. 
The beach between the outflows - not an easy walk!

This was a bit puzzling in the Nature Park on the way back. This very fresh looking Chiffchaff was preening in a bush, meanwhile a Common Whitethroat was calling whilst holding a spider. I couldn't see any young Whitethroat nearby.

I returned to Red Nab towards high water at 17:50. It's only 7.2m and barely reached Red Nab. Still the majority of the Black-Headed gulls moved to the saltmarsh area,  which made spotting the Meds easier.
Mediterranean gull 24 at least. 4 adult, 2 second summer and 18 first summer - unfortunately none with darvic rings.
Many are in this clip. Try watching in slow motion, it is an option.

This is the new second summer Mediterranean gull
There were 300 gulls on the shore out from the saltmarsh mainly Black-Headed. 
Some of the gulls on the shore out from the saltmarsh 

Another 50 gulls on the saltmarsh included 3 adult/second summer Mediterranean gulls, it wasn't clear if these had moved from Red Nab or were additional.
Curlew 100+

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Janet had a look in the morning.
Male Large Skipper

Female Small Skipper

Blackneck moth

Female Broad-bodied Chaser

Janet also confirmed the Ringlet are now abundant along the eastern boundary of the recording area.

I did a couple of circuits of the main pond early evening, but failed to locate any Red-Veined Darters. There were Black-Tailed Skimmers, Four-Spotted Chasers and a few Common Darters. (MD)