Sunday 20 August 2023

A lazy Sunday

A heavy early morning shower then dry with plenty of sunshine. A steady south wind.

Today's title refers both to the wildlife and myself (MD). We both seemed to be on a go slow.
Middleton Nature Reserve 
A early check just after the shower confirmed that the Pelican had moved on, and unsurprisingly the Coot were back on show (4 adult and 4 young). What was surprising was that the odd looking female Tufted Duck was also back. Whatever bird the Pelican ate yesterday wasn't this one. These shots and clip are actually from this afternoon when I stopped by in passing.
Coot and female Tufted

Pete has checked out these shots and is satisfied the duck is definitely just within the range of pure Tufted Duck

Back to this morning
There was a male and a female Tufted Duck, lazing on the "no swimming" pond.
Male and female Tufted
Till the female got buzzed!
Fortunately, for the Tufted at least, it wasn't a Pelican today, just a Gadwall coming in to land.
Gadwall coming in to land

I had planned to check the skear at low water, but my legs didn't want to know! So I went home and just had a lazy walk from Red Nab to saltmarsh after lunch at high water.
Linnet 10
Wheatear 2 
Rock Pipit 2 - these were on the rocky outcrop to the south of the saltmarsh. This one had a Sea Slater and was calling for the other. It was clearly willing to pass it over. But the second bird didn't bother so it ate it itself.

Swallow 2 south, but not before picking off some of the flies between the pebbles.
In the Nature Park 
Red Admiral 2
Brimstone 1 male
Small White 1
Speckled Wood several
Gatekeeper 2