Tuesday 30 August 2022

Shoveler returns(?)

A light NE breeze. Some hazy sunshine but largely overcast

Pete advises that Clouded Yellows are being seen both south and north of the recording area. Both Janet and myself were out and about today, but didn't see any. Tomorrow's looking promising though.

Janet checked Red Nab to Heysham Nature reserve.
Red Nab:
Two of the Three Wheatear 

This Robin seems to have set up territory on the eastern edge of Red Nab

One of four Rock Pipit - more on this later


Treble-bar moth
Nature Park:
Small White

Meadow Brown

Male Common Darter
Heysham Nature Reserve:
Female Migrant Hawker 

Immature Common Darter 

Common Blue, so worn you can almost see through its wings


North shore (MD)
Mute Swan three out from the green marker post

Middleton Nature Reserve (MD)
Wildfowl as recent except:
Coot numbers doubled - now two
Shoveler 1 eclipse male on "no swimming" pond. Time will tell if it is passing through or back for the winter!
Male Shoveler in eclipse 

Meadow Brown
Small White
Speckled Wood
Small Tortoiseshell 
Common Blue (with see through wings like Janet's)

Emperor only 2
Brown Hawker 2
Migrant Hawker 7 (including 2 pairs in cop)
Migrant Hawker male
Common Darter - lots of males, but the only female seen was this old one
Old female Common Darter

Red Nab (MD)
I had a look on the rising tide, earlier than Janet. 
Mediterranean gull 1 adult - the only bird I could locate among the Black-Headed gulls was the green ringed German bird.
Mediterranean gull with green darvic ring amongst the BHG.
This bird was ringed as a nesting in 2012

The overnight tide was the highest of this set of spring tides, but the light off shore wind meant that it didn't top up the pool at the start of the sea wall. So, barring storms it will now not be topped up with sea water till 10th or 11th September. So almost two more weeks, goodness knows what life will emerge from it, especially if occasional rain prevents it from drying out completely.
Drying pool at the very beginning of the sea wall
The territorial Rock Pipit is certainly expecting, and almost certainly currently experiencing, a bounty. It is defending this pool vigorously, allowing the other three Rock Pipits freedom of the rest of Red Nab. Always worth a check if you are passing.