Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Much ado about (almost) nothing!

Light west wind and largely sunny.

There were a few visiting birders around today, but, so far, no reports of Black Redstarts 

Low tide channel from Knowlys 
Eider 62
Great Crested Grebe 7

South Shore (MD)
Rock Pipit - just one
Common Snipe - I looked closely at the small islands of sea grass to the south of the saltmarsh (see yesterday's post).
I eventually managed to locate 5 snipe, I'm sure there would have been more, as per yesterday. They were all resting and very difficult to see. These following pictures are more to show the effectiveness of, what is not always obvious, camouflage.

This is the only obvious shot, and also the only bird that actually moved.

It didn't move far, but now the straw lines on its back
can be seen to replicate the blades of grass around it.

This is a different bird. This angle shows the crown and eye stripes
also helping to merge with the background 

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just a quick check of the "no swimming" pond before darkness descended (15:50!)
Cetti's warbler - male singing from the central marsh
Gadwall 16
Teal 4
Little Grebe 2

There are some quite large Mullein plants on the southern boundary. I'll be checking for Mullein caterpillars next year.

As I was leaving the moon was rising. I took this shot and posted it, just because I love the name of this moon phase, and seldom get the chance to use it.
A waxing gibbous moon