Saturday 11 April 2020

Little change

Knot - the rings read yesterday of the influx of 16,500 birds all proved to be new. Confirning, what their behaviour suggested (many  sitting not standing), i.e. they had just stopped for a rest in their migration.
No reports received yet of how many roosted today. Any opportunity to check for colour rings by local exercise walkers would be helpful.
When - while the tides are still high (till Monday, perhaps Tuesday).
Time - about an hour before high water
Location - Near Naze,  the heliport surface and seawall.
Check for - Either yellow with code, orange with code (most regular) or four different colours two on each leg with an additional flag on one leg - just need the order and name of colours and which leg is which.
Method - Scope or camera needed
Thanks, if you give it a go. Even if no rings seen or read, an estimate of roosting numbers would be helpful.

Visible migration
Still a trickle of Meadow pipits c20/hr, Alba Wagtails c10/hr and Swallow 10 seen/reported during day.

Middleton Nature Reserve
Willow warblers and Chiffchaff are still plentiful, but Blackcap numbers reduced only 2 seen/heard. The only other warblers were the Cetti's, at least 2 heard.
Water Rail - I heard, hopefully indicating breeding.
Pheasant - there seems to be at least 3 males on territory

Low water channels
Pretty much as yesterday, but Shag was not seen/reported
Black-Tailed godwit 2 north plus this 2cy on beach