Saturday 20 August 2022

Plenty of wind, but not much water!

Strong SW wind, mainly overcast, with some sunny spells. It stayed dry till late evening, then the heavens opened.

Just my stuff so far (MD)

South shore 
Two visits, mid morning (low water) and late afternoon (towards high water)
Mediterranean gull 7 adult on the beach near wooden jetty in morning, a 1st calendar year on No.2 outflow in the afternoon

Adult Mediterranean gulls - this shot showing moult progress

1st calendar year Mediterranean gull with Black-Headed gulls
This shot was actually from yesterday but same location as today's bird

The young gulls are stripping the barnacles off the platform supports in the harbour, presumably more for their grit than the scant protein content. This one is a Herring gull.

This young Lesser Black-Backed gull as found an apple, don't know what happened, but the apple appeared to have scared it off! Don't think it will be taking on an apple again!
Sorry about the jerky nature of this clip, but it was wild on the sea wall.

Rock Pipits 6

It was more sheltered in the Nature Park and there were still a few insects about
Migrant Hawker 1
Common Darter 1

Peacock 1
Large White 1
several each
Meadow Brown
Common Blue 
Speckled Wood