Sunday, 30 August 2009

Misty murky uncertainty (or laziness)

Heysham Obs
A couple of checks of the outfalls, the latter one nearish high tide was accompanied by very poor visibility & driving rain.

Outfalls/Ocean Edge
Whimbrel - one
Med Gull - 1+ juv & 2 adults
Tern - a vague outline on Heysham 2 outfall late afternoon - too wet to walk down the seawall. Definitely Common/Arctic/Cayenne/Antarctic etc.

Middleton IE
Snipe & eclipse male Tufted Duck with the four surviving (now large)young

A photo essay on why Acleris variegana of a certain morph is not a Light Brown Apple Moth was foiled by its escape. Lime-speck Pug was a slight eyebrow raiser, but otherwise nothing untoward in the trap.

Elusive Wood Sandpiper Conder Estuary (try looking upstream from the roadbridge??). Some unknowns appearing on the Leighton weekly summary, notably 4 juvenile Black Tern on 23rd