Saturday 31 July 2021

A good Med count

West to WNW breeze regular light showers

First a correction from yesterday. There were two juvenile Meds on No.1 outflow, but on the clip I originally posted I'd actually followed a juvenile BHG. Not easy to check through the small camera viewfinder, but I should have realised before posting! I'm blaming an evening pub meal washed down with a few beers, before doing the post last night! Or it may just be incompetence. Either way I've changed the clip now. (MD)

Pete and Jean did a pincer movement to check the number of Meds around the south shore this afternoon. Pete checking from Red Nab and Jean at the feeding beach near the wooden jetty, coordinating by mobile to ensure there was no overlap. The interesting result being:
Mediterranean gulls 27.
Adult 14
3cy at least 2
2cy at least 4
2cy/3cy 2 partially obscured
Juveniles 5
The only ringed bird seen was this metal ringed adult
You can see the sand mason worms tubes, looking more prominent now.

Whimbrel at least  2
Grey seal 1

Middleton Nature Reserve 
Just a very brief check of the two main ponds found the wildfowl, pretty much unchanged
Mute pair + 9 cygnet
Coot 2
Moorhen 4
Mallard 9
Gadwall 1 female with 3 young
Grey Heron 1