Sunday 1 September 2013

Earlyish morning whizz round

Heysham Obs
Sorry for the late info - in a bit of a rush, then changed cars and left my phone in mine so the B. Gull did not get pagered at a helpful time.

Along the shore sites 0850ish to 0920ish
Bonaparte's Gull - in the harbour then flew towards outfalls
Little Gull - sat on sea
Med Gull - at least 6 on Red Nab but could have been double that - just one quick sweep
Common Tern - Juv Red Nab

Seawatching for two hours early afternoon
Arctic Skua - dark morph out
Gannet - c12
Fulmar - 2
Med Gull - c10 noted loafing around

First Pink-barred Sallow of the autumn plus Frosted Orange which is not common here