Saturday, 27 July 2019

Friday - RVDs

Middleton Nature Reserve
Main pond
A check at 11:30 found at least 3 male Red-Veined Darter. A later check at 13:30 located 5.
This despite less than ideal conditions, it was warm enough, but quite a strong westery breeze. All the sighting were on the western side of pond, including the peninsula.
This is a significant increase on the single insect seen on two days earlier in the week, when conditions were more favourable. The implication is that a number of insects from yesterday's migration, found their way to the reserve (see yesterday's post).

Cetti's warbler - a previously ringed adult female was the best of the morning ringing session.

Southern movement
Swallow 18 - one flock
Swift 1
Lesser Redpoll 1 - very unseasonable