Monday 14 June 2021

New, for the year, dragonflies

SW to W fresh wind. Mainly overcast, but some sunny spells.

Ocean Edge foreshore and saltmarsh 
Mediterranean gull 1 second calendar year out from the saltmarsh with
c140 Black-Headed gull
The only wader was a single Lapwing

Middleton Nature Reserve 
I just checked the western side (MD)
Once again the day flying moths outnumbered the butterflies 
Burnet Companion 5
Cinnabar 2
Mother Shipton 1
Speckled Wood 3
Small Tortoiseshell 1
Small Heath 1

Not many over the only water bodies I checked, the small scrapes on the western marsh. Just Emperors patrolling.
But sheltering from the cool breeze were
Black-tailed skimmer 1 (female or immature male)
Southern Hawker 1 (immature male, I think) - first record of the year
Southern Hawker

Janet took these shots:

Common Whitethroat 

Common Darter - first record this year